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My thoughts are with you that your company is not affected by recent device intrusions. :-|



Encryption Questions

  • This feature protects the signal via SIM from my device enroute to the WWW.   From my device- to your bittium encypted ISP? 

  •  At what point does the encryption end.  For example, I have my device in a public place, and change a password. 

  • Does Bittium have a feature that protects the password after I sign out?

  •  Or can the password still be hashed or accessed by pegasus etc.

  • If another device adds access controls additonal access to my device, is the IP and device identification visible to us?

The Exciting  Future for Bittium

 The public in shock and fear as they have been dishonestly brainwashed for years that Apple devices cannot be hacked.  Even Apple headquarters at 59th and 5th frowned and laughed when I said I wanted to determine the source of my hacks.   Verizon Apple, State Police, Sheriff, Identity Theft, FBI all deny hacks, or say that that hacks are are not illegal to individuals, only businesses that they choose to protect. 


I have spent the last 2 years on this project of learning and discovery.  Tech experts have written about the corruption of cover-up.


 I have thoughts about Bittium's identity for the public.

For example the 'Lively' device for seniors is  simplified but not more secure!  Perhaps the portrayal of  Bittium as a 'safe' the ones people have in their homes.  That could appeal to the new frightened customer base with avoidance of the invisible monsters that steal.

Apple had been feuding with the govt to block Pegasus, etc access in the USA.

I think that didn't work out! The demand for Bittium will be huge.


My  intention here is to share based on my professional background of tech combined with marketing.  Consumers describe their smartphone devices as "their world"their life".   Thus Bittium saves lives.  

With respect,


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